Erathis   holy symbol
Erathis is the unaligned goddess of civilization. She is a founder of cities and writer of laws. Rulers, judges, pioneers, and inventors all revere her.


Erathis is the twin sister of Melora, goddess of the wild. The two have a tempestuous relationship that has waxed and waned over the millennia since the gods created Genosha. Since the fall of the Devenerian Empire, the resulting chaos has brought the sisters closer than they have been in many centuries. Melora seeks to hunt down the monsters and abominations who threaten the natural world, while Erathis wishes to protect the remaining bright spots of law and culture from being overwhelmed by the darkness. Both find that, for now, their individual goals lead them along similar paths in preventing the evil that grows in the shadows from consuming that which they value most.

Erathis is closely allied to Pelor, Ioun and Moradin, and is perhaps the only god who is on cordial terms with Asmodeus.


Edarmirrik, an elder gold dragon, was elevated to exarch by Erathis for his achievements in trade which made him extremely wealthy.


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