The City of Brass

Among the most spectacular locations in the Elemental Chaos is the City of Brass. A metropolis built on a brass hemisphere floating in a sea of fire, the City of Brass is the capital of the mighty efreet empire.

Geography and climate

The City of Brass is built upon a 40-mile-diameter glowing brass hemisphere that floats (curved side down) on a sea of fire and magma. At the Grand Sultan’s command, the hemisphere can sink into the sea of flame so that the ports can be used. The city itself takes up only a small portion of the flat side of the hemisphere, the rest being used for agriculture, mining, hunting, and military exercises.

  • The Pits are the mines where slave races dig out copper, tin, and diamonds.
  • The Slag is a dump where tailings from the mines are piled.
  • The Obsidian Fields are agricultural fields where fireweed is cultivated as fodder for the nightmare steeds used by the efreeti cavalry. Also grown are food for the efreeti and other elemental races: qamh, a type of soft, spongy grass; habbat, a wild grain; verdobba, a nutty, dark purple tuber; tergamit, a fruit; and umbellin, a spicy brown bean. The bodies of criminals and deserters are used as scarecrows.
  • The Sable Forest is a wild woods kept as a hunting preserve for efreeti nobles. The black, leafless trees of the forest, called serpent trees, feed on the heat of the plane rather than on light as do Oerthly plants.
  • The Slope is the home of several wild plants, such as ziwan, crimson rye, and sweet shiverrod. These plants are a thorny weed, a soporific, and a poison, respectively.

The city itself is enormous in its own right, featuring towers, domes, and tall spires rising above the brass city walls.

The City of Brass

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