Orcus is the Demon Prince of Undeath. Orcus is a grossly fat demon lord, fifteen feet tall, covered in goat-like hair, with a goat-like head and legs, and the horns of a ram rather than those of a goat. His arms are human, but vast bat wings sprout from his back, and he has a long, snaky tail tipped with a poisonous head. Orcus is extremely intelligent and commands powerful magical abilities. He is regarded as one of the most powerful and dangerous of demons.

Orcus actually hates the undead, using them without thought or consideration, but despises the living as well. In truth, he hates all things except achieving personal power and spreading misery and destruction.

Orcus carries a black, skull-tipped rod, which also serves as his symbol.


The Cult of Orcus is a loosely organized network of worshipers of Orcus. They operate in secret, as demon worship is reviled in every civilized region of Calthera.


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