Episode 47: The Missing Caretaker

5-7 Korden, 997 D.A.

Cast of Characters
Kaolen Bearcharger, male human ranger (played by Jason Sproles)
Gorgoth Khrem, male dragonborn wizard (played by Ben Moy)
Kedrick Killmeister, male human paladin of Erathis (played by Derek Beam)
Perrin Tuatha’an, male halfling bard (played by Christopher Schwartz)
Aiccan Windhand, female elven druid (played by Juliana Parks)

At the request of the priestess Lavinya, the adventurers investigated the disappearance of Haelyn, the kindly caretaker of the Shrine of Erathis. When they went to her home late at night, they were ambushed by the new caretaker, Grovald, and his minions. In his ramshackle hut, Aiccan found a burned scrap of a letter that hinted Grovald was working for someone – possibly a Devenerian general named Zithiruun.

The next morning, the adventurers split up, visiting different temples in the city. What they found confirmed Lavinya’s suspicions that a number of Calatan’s religious leaders were behaving strangely. In particular, Kaolen was escorted from Arathorn Cathedral by the Red Cloaks under orders from Bishop Oakheart.


  • This was Aiccan’s first full session with the group, and despite being the main target of Grovald’s attacks, she performed quite well.
  • The group found a tattoo of Zehir on Grovald’s chest, leading them to believe there was a cult of the god of darkness at work.
  • The companions plan to visit Duke Steveren Culceaster to warn him of their suspicions.

DM Commentary

I was very pleased with this session overall, one of the best we’ve had in a while after a run of several mediocre or disappointing episodes. I tried several new tricks, including a cold open that started the party already in the midst of their investigation and led directly into combat. Then, I used a flashback to return to the scene where Lavinya actually set them on their quest. While I was a bit uncertain about trying this method, it worked out better than I could have hoped, and the players all seemed to really enjoy it.

One trend that has changed over the months is the players’ attitudes towards capturing enemies. For a long time, they attempted to make at least one enemy in every combat surrender and interrogate him or her. Now, they seem to kill almost every foe and figure it out later. It’s not a problem, of course, it just means I have to make sure I don’t rely solely on them interrogating enemies to get crucial pieces of information. I just find it to be an interesting change in their attitude.


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