Epilogue: After the Storm

As the adventurers accepted the swords from General Zithiruun in surrender, the sounds of battle around them seemed to quiet for a moment. Then, a messenger ran past, shouting to them as he went, “The king! The king! The king is here!”

King Thomart had indeed arrived with his household troops and other forces he rallied along the way from his summer castle, arriving after two days of intense marching. They charged into the rear flank of the Devenerian army, shattering the legions with their unexpected assault. With their veteran forces broken and their leader captured, the enemy army soon dissolved. Some Devenerians escaped, but many others were captured, while the mercenary forces quickly abandoned the imperial cause and slipped away from the fight.

Though damaged from the imperial assault, the city of Calatan has weathered the storm, standing tall and proud. The adventurers have truly proven themselves the Heroes of Calatan, and are recognized wherever they go. Several different establishments across the city offer them free room and board for several months, and entering most taverns in the city results in cheers, offers of free drinks, and requests for another telling of their exploits.

General Zithiruun is sent to the Palace of Penitence, where he is kept in confinement according to his stature. His future is uncertain, as it is yet unknown whether the Emperor would ransom a man who had failed at so vital a task set as his last chance to redeem his honor. In the meantime, he broods on his failures, and the troublesome adventurers who foiled his plans.

Priestess Lavinya abandons her temple in Crow and instead takes over Haelyn’s duties at the Shrine of Erathis. “If this is where the people wish to pray,” she says, “then who am I to tell them otherwise? Erathis needs no stone walls, merely the hearts and souls of those who would bring civilization and culture to the world. Haelyn understood this long ago,” she adds with a sad smile. “I only wish I had not taken so long to learn it myself.” Haelyn’s body was found in an unmarked grave hidden behind her old shack, and Lavinya has it moved to a place of honor beside the statue of Erathis, with a finely-carved stone celebrating her devotion to her goddess.

Bishop Oakheart experiences a reawakening of his faith. His time of confinement of torture, followed by his rescue at the hands of the adventurers and his survival of the siege, cause him to reevaluate his recent years. From a beaten-down, tired, and increasingly corrupt politician, he returns to his younger identity as a devout priest of Pelor. In helping to turn him around, the heroes have gained a grateful and influential ally, and they have done a great good to the religious community of Calatan as a whole. This is particularly important, since the high priests of most of the other temples in the city were suborned by the Devenerians, and their replacements are all younger and inexperienced. Over the following months, Oakheart emerges as a true spiritual leader for the entire city.

Duke Steveren Culceaster, already an ally of the heroes, now holds them in the highest esteem for saving the life of his beloved wife. It will take many months to rebuild White Oak Manor in its former glory, but in the meantime, the duke and his household find other quarters to occupy, and the heroes are frequent guest of honor, sharing fine meals and wine with members of the king’s council and other notable members of Arathorn noble society.

Despite all the honors and glory heaped upon them by a grateful city, however, the heroes still mourn the bizarre and sudden loss of their friend Gorgoth. They consult with learned sages, wizards from the Circle of Anthros, and diviners from the Library of Ioun, yet there are no certain answers as to where their companion has gone. Despite this, they cling to their belief that he will yet return – and that if he does not, they will go to great lengths to find him.

Thus does the curtain fall on this chapter of the story of Genosha and Monster Management.


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