A shadar-kai black market arms merchant


Sarshan is a Shadar-Kai arms merchant. As a child, Sarshan was a victim of a plague that left him orphaned and badly scarred. An outcast among his own kind, he forged his own path as the leader of an elite mercenary company called the Black Arrow.

Sarshan controlled the remote Shadowfell domain known as Umbraforge. From Umbraforge Tower, he ruled over a war camp of slave traders, mercenaries, and forges. He sold his weapons and the services of his mercenary troops to warlords and kings across the Shadowfell and beyond.

Sarshan’s trusted agents included a shadar-kai war witch named Leena and, until recently, the Devenerian expatriate Darduin Caurata. When Caurata went behind his master’s back to approve a large sale of weapons to the orc chieftain Tusk for his assault on Bordrin’s Watch, Sarshan found out and sent his agents to capture or kill Caurata for his treachery. Sarshan had spent years building up a careful covert business in the prime material plane, and he tolerated no actions that threatened to expose him and destroy what he had created.

Due to sabotage by Caurata and the actions of Monster Management, Umbraforge Tower and the surrounding area were destroyed when the dark foundry exploded. Sarshan is presumed dead, as he was last seen in the tower when it collapsed, but the adventurers have no way of knowing for sure.


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