An elderly human woman who keeps Druid's Grove in Harkenwold


Reithann lives in a humble cottage in Druid’s Grove. She is a spry 50·year-old human woman dressed in robes of brown and green, carrying a gnarled staff. Her two apprentices, Lorel and Theren, rarely stray from her side. Reithann speaks slowly, choosing her words with care. She often speaks in animal analogies (“The wise fox stays well ahead of the hounds,” for example).

Reithann was a firm supporter of the Harkenwold rebellion. When visited by adventurers from outside Harkenwold who chose to aid the rebellion, she offered advice and suggested they defeat the bullywugs of Toadwallow Caverns, as that would allow the people of Tor’s Hold and the rest of western Harkenwold to freely support the rebel forces.


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