Captain Oliver Reeves

Captain of the Haven Town Guard


Captain Oliver Reeves is a human male who grew up in Haven. After several years of able service in the town guard, mostly serving on the night watch, Reeves was promoted to captain of the guard after the untimely death of Kartenix Osborn. Reeves is highly competent, friendly, and well-liked by both his men and the people he serves. He is in his early thirties, with a lean frame, blonde hair, and green eyes. He is usually seen wearing a well-maintained guard uniform that bears his badge of office.

While still a sergeant, Reeves met the adventurers while he was in charge of part of the cleanup efforts immediately following the nighttime raids by the hobgoblins of Sinruth’s Hand. Since his promotion, Lord Padraig has tasked him with improving Haven’s defenses. One of his first actions was to hire the party to clear out an old watchtower that had been overrun by orcs. He hopes to refurbish the old stone structure and station men there to watch for bandits and other threats along the River Road.

Captain Oliver Reeves

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