The kindly caretaker of the Shrine of Erathis in Calatan.


Haelyn was a kindly old woman who tended the Shrine of Erathis in the High Market district of Calatan. She was a gentle woman, with wrinkled skin and grey hair, but she was cheerful and always had a smile for petitioners of the goddess of law and civilization.

Unfortunately for Haelyn, her curious and trusting nature was her undoing. When she began to notice strange behavior from many of Calatan’s clerics, she began asking questions that brought her unwanted attention. The behavior was because the minds of these clerics had been suborned by Devenerian infiltrators as part of a plot to invade the city. Haelyn was killed by Grovald, a priest of the evil god Zehir, hired by General Zithiruun to eliminate her and take her place as caretaker of the shrine. It was only due to the actions of the adventuring group known as Monster Management that Grovald was exposed.

Haelyn was mourned by many of her former friends and devotees of Erathis, and the priestess Lavinya Dowe took over her role as caretaker of the shrine. She erected a small stone monument to Haelyn in honor of her devotion to the goddess.



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