A priest of Zehir, the god of darkness and assassins.


A tall, thin man in middle age, Grovald was bald with sharp, narrow features. He dressed all in somber black, and wore an amulet around his neck.


Grovald was secretly a cleric of Zehir, the god of darkness and assassins. When Haelyn disappeared, Grovald took over as custodian of the Shrine of Erathis, telling people that the old woman had left town for several months on a spiritual retreat. When the adventurers of Monster Management investigated Haelyn’s home late one night, Grovald and several hired thugs attacked them, but he was killed in the resulting fight. In his shack, the companions found a partially-burned note that indicated Grovald was working for the Devenerian General Zithiruun.


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