Darduin Caurata

A Devenerian spy and black market arms merchant.


Darduin Caurata was a human man who was average in every way: average height, average build, medium brown eyes, medium brown hair, and an utterly forgettable face. He wore plain clothes. All of this added up to an excellent agent for the Devenerian Empire – a highly competent spy who appeared trustworthy but was easy to forget moments after meeting him.


Darduin Caurata was a Devenerian expatriate who spent the past several years working as an agent for the shadar-kai black market arms dealer Sarshan. He became the target of Sarshan’s wrath when he agreed to an arms deal with an orc warlord named Tusk that the shadar-kai had already turned down. It was later revealed that despite posing as an expatriate, Caurata was still a loyal imperialist, working covertly for Governor Arnulf Taeryck of Capua.

Caurata and the Shadowfell servants who remained loyal to him attempted to sabotage Sarshan’s foundry, destroying it and Umbraforge Tower. He was interrupted by the adventuring party known as Monster Management, who turned the Devenerian over to Sarshan’s personal guard. Caurata was led away, presumably to be tortured and killed. Several hours later, Sarshan’s foundry did explode, destroying the tower fortress as well. It was assumed that even if Caurata was still alive at that time, he was killed in the explosion along with everyone else in the tower.

Later, however, this proved to be a false hope. While investigating a conspiracy in Calatan, the adventurers trailed Captain Aerun Goldraker and a cloaked figure to the old Ciatto warehouse. Inside, they found the conspirators – led by none other than Caurate, scarred and anxious for revenge on the heroes. Caurata fought fiercely, but his past experiences left him more vulnerable to fire, and when Kaolen attacked the Devenerian with flaming arrows, he died screaming in agony.

Darduin Caurata

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