Countess Margery Waltham

A feisty noblewoman of Arathorn who is secretly master of the king's spies.


A human woman in her late sixties, the dowager countess is outspoken and willful. Her thick silver locks are worn in an up-swept bun, and she wears embroidered gowns of high quality, befitting her age and station.


Countess Waltham believes in maintaining the status quo and people doing things properly – unless it doesn’t align with her own wishes, in which case she will flaunt tradition to follow her own whims. The dowager countess lives in a family estate in Calatan, but also regularly travels to her family’s castle in the Strathan Vale to visit her daughter and grandchildren when they are not in the city. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the city’s social scene, and her strong opinions are rarely kept secret.

Unbeknownst to all but those within the most exclusive of circles within the kingdom’s halls of government, the Countess Waltham is also the head of the king’s spy network, the Blackjackets. Many whisper that the King’s Underhand exists, but few suspect it is a noble woman with the pedigree and social standing of the dowager countess. She uses her cover to excellent effect, allowing her to learn secrets in the halls of power she might not otherwise discover if her true role was known.

Countess Margery Waltham

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