Captain Aerun Goldraker

A dwarven captain of the Red Cloaks.


A young, blond dwarf, Aerun is a captain of the Red Cloaks (the city watch) in Calatan. He wears a brightly-polished breastplate and a scarlet cloak. His beard is tightly braided and his hair is trimmed and neat, as befitting a soldier.


Aerun has served loyally in the Red Cloaks for almost a decade, earning his current position through dedicated service. On the night of the Bonfire Festival, it was Aerun who led the city watch contingent that rushed to stop the attack on Arathorn Cathedral, assisting the adventurers of Monster Management. Aerun was hailed as a hero, and honored by the Duke of Culceaster at the same banquet as the other heroes.

Captain Aerun Goldraker

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