Episode 46: The Duke's Banquet

21-22 Avandris, 997 D.A.

Cast of Characters
Kaolen Bearcharger, male human ranger (played by Jason Sproles)
Gorgoth Khrem, male dragonborn wizard (played by Ben Moy)
Kedrick Killmeister, male human paladin of Erathis (played by Derek Beam)
Perrin Tuatha’an, male halfling bard (played by Christopher Schwartz)
and introducing
Aiccan Windhand, female elven druid (played by Juliana Parks)

On the morning of the banquet in their honor, the adventurers have time to pursue individual interests. Gorgoth decides to visit the Library of Ioun in Abbey Hill, but outside he meets a young boy, Nilus, who gives him a powerful prophecy. He rushes to find his friends, and they return, at which point Nilus pronounces another prophecy – one that indicates they should seek out a fifth member of their group somewhere in the city.

That night at the dinner, the heroes are treated to seven sumptuous courses, as well as lively entertainment. Songmaster Willowrush performs a stirring rendition of the epic song Sir Robin on the Wall which leaves the Duke of Culceaster overcome with emotion. The adventurers also have the chance to meet several of the other guest, important members of Calatan’s elite, including Bishop Gilex Oakheart.

The next day, the heroes seek out the companion prophesied by Nilus. After several hours of searching, they head to the ancient druid’s grove in the Pelwood district. There, they find Aiccan Windhand, a young elven druid. On her lap rests Sous Chef, Kedrick’s missing pet raccoon. The appearance of Monster Management fulfilled a vision she had seen in her meditations, and she quickly agreed to join the party.


  • At the banquet, Lady Silith seemed entranced by a performance by a dance group. Tarthan explained to Perrin that she was well-known as a patron to many types of artists, and to be invited to perform for her privately was considered a great honor.
  • Duchess Rosalyn Culceaster revealed to Kaolen that since the attempt on her husband’s life, he had changed dramatically, becoming more attentive and loving, as well as more focused on his duties.
  • Bishop Oakheart suggested that Kedrick could join the Holy Order of Protectors, serving the Church of Arathorn in an official capacity – if he was willing to give up his life of adventuring.
  • Likewise, Breder Iscalon, adviser to House Culceaster, suggested to Gorgoth that he might be admitted to the Circle of Anthros’ Academy of High Magic to further his studies if he wished to leave his adventuring life.
  • In his private library after the feast, Duke Steveron questioned the party about the dangers facing the city and the kingdom. While they had no concrete proof of any specific threats, their answers still worried him.

DM Commentary

After weeks of patiently waiting, Juliana was finally able to enter the game as a player at the end of this episode.

Sadly, this was possibly my worst session ever. My players were troopers, but it was cleared they were mostly bored or even clueless as to what the point of it all was for most of the session. This ultimately was my fault, for ignoring the play styles and preferences of the majority of my group, and above all for not giving the banquet scene a major conflict or objective. While there were interesting pieces, the whole just didn’t add up to an engaging whole. If nothing else, I hope I can learn from this experience and put things back on the right track quickly.


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