The Story So Far

A hundred years have passed since the mighty empire of Deveneria was sundered by the Liberation Wars. In the decades since, the independent lands known as the Free Kingdoms have seen their wealth and might ebb and flow as alliances and wars are won and lost. For the common people, though, the games of princes and courtesans seem far away from their daily lives.

This is especially true in the borderlands, where the reach of a king’s protection is not so strong, and creatures of nightmare lurk at the corner of shadows. In one such place, the Strathan Vale, the people of Haven have been tested by the forces of darkness. A generation ago, a great army of goblinkind swept into the valley under a banner of an ebon hand. Against dire odds, the people banded together and fought off the dark scourge.

Despite their victory those years ago, the valley is again facing dark times. Yet now, an unlikely group of adventurers has come together to oppose the threats at the edge of night. Are they ready for the task that lies ahead of them?


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