Woodsong is an elven village in the southeastern arm of the Harken Forest. It is home to the Woodsinger elves, a group of related clans who have inhabited the forest for centuries. Like all elves, the Woodsingers never cut living trees, and their community is a beautiful arbor of carefully grown trees and woven plants that form natural dwellings and blend in almost seamlessly with the rest of the forest.

Woodsong is ruled by an elected Council of Elders. The leader of the council is Eriyel Sunshadow, a wise, cautious elf woman.

The Woodsinger Elves are friendly with their neighbors of other races. Though they still largely keep to themselves, they sometimes trade with locals from nearby villages, and they allow trade caravans to pass through the forest unharmed and often barter with them.

Baron Stockmer, the governing lord of Harkenwold, has been a lenient ruler who left Woodsong mostly to handle its own affairs. He only collects a small tax each year, and trusts the Woodsinger elves to guard their part of the forest from bandits, poachers, and other outlaws.


Woodsong has a population of roughly 200, with another 100 living in smaller encampments within one mile of the main village. Woodsong’s residents are almost all elves, with a few dozen half-elves as well.

The human ranger Kaolen Bearcharger was fostered as a baby with Llarick, a widower and fletcher who lives in Woodsong and regularly trades with caravan merchants.


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