Witchlight Fens

The Witchlight Fens is a large area of wetlands in Arathorn, near Harken Forest. It is located along the Kenet River, in a low area where the river branches and causes large areas of wet soil during seasonal changes. The water levels are higher in spring and sometimes in the autumn when there are heavy storms, but lower the rest of the year.

There are a few small human villages within the fens, the largest of which is Nymoor, located in the northeast area of the swamps, roughly a day’s travel from Haven. There are also three tribes of lizardfolk who live in the fens, and they often harass the human villages.

Plant life in the Witchlight Fens includes grasses and sedges; grey and brown mosses; cypress, willow, and alder trees; vines, both benign and sentient. Peat (layers of decayed vegetation) is common, and some local residents collect it for fuel.

Animal life in the fens includes insects such as dragonflies, beetles, and moths; spiders; snails; birds, including woodpeckers, kingfishers, snipe, owls, plovers, merlins, and swans; snakes; frogs; lizards; fish and eels.

Witchlight Fens

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