Sir Robin on the Wall

Sir Robin on the Wall is a ballad of the Liberation Wars. It tells the story of two brothers who fought on either side of the Siege of Kingfisher Castle, a crucial battle in what is now the kingdom of Arathorn. It is not often sung, but it is considered a moving and powerful piece that speaks of the conflicting loyalties and sacrifices made for Arathorn.


The summer breeze did carry
The trumpet’s clarion call.
Armies marched and banners waved.
The champion cheered them all,
“Fear not the griffon’s roar!
For Sir Robin holds the wall.”

Afore the iron gate he stood,
A figure bold and tall
“For twenty years we broke our bread
Beneath this same proud hall
What right have you to call your spears,
And break the emperor’s law?”
Yet beneath the pennant red and gold
Stood Sir Robin on the wall.

A hundred days of steel and smoke
Of pitch and stone and gall.
The snow stained red, two thousand dead
A kingdom free from thrall.
One mother wept, two brothers slept
For Sir Robin Held the wall.

Sir Robin on the Wall

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