Nymoor is small village in the Witchlight Fens. The village is a small collection of wood huts, raised on wood pilings, with sod roofs. The streets, such as they are, and common area are little more than mud. A lazy stream wends its way through the village. The thorp is defended by a wooden palisade. It is governed by a reeve, a human male named Drewis Wycley.

There is a single tavern, The Copper Tankard.

Trade caravans rarely visit Nymoor, so the residents are mostly self-sufficient. Visitors are even rarer.


Fifty-seven residents live in Nymoor, primarily human, some elf and half-elf. Villagers are primarily fishermen and frog hunters (outsiders sometimes derisively call residents of the Fens “frog-eaters”), or collect peat for fuel. There are a handful of craftspeople in the village.


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