Harkenwold is a small barony in the southwest corner of Arathorn.


The Barony of Harkenwold is a broad valley just over fifty miles long and roughly twenty miles wide located between arms of the Harken Forest. This primarily open land consists of gently rolling hills covered in a mix of cheery meadows, light forest with little undergrowth, and the occasional thicket. The climate is cool and rainy. Many small streams wind their way across the land, eventually joining the White River. These brooks are at most a few feet wide, and small footbridges cross them regularly.

Harkenwold makes up part of Arathorn’s southern border with the kingdom of Escatar. North of Harkenwold is the larger Strathan Vale. Haven is the nearest large town, and the source of a majority of trade that passes through the Harken Forest.

Harkenwold is ruled from Harken, the largest village and location of Harken Keep. Other villages in the barony include Albridge, Dardun, Easthill, and Tor’s Hold. The elf village of Woodsong in the southern arm of Harken Forest is also part of the barony, though it is given more autonomy than the predominantly human villages through longstanding agreement. The formerly prosperous village of Marl was destroyed by soldiers of Baron Teso in an effort to suppress rebellion.


Harkenwold’s total population is about 2,000, scattered across half a dozen small hamlets and a score of isolated steadings. Most of the citizens are humans (50%), halflings (25%), and dwarves (20%), with a smattering of other folk (5%).

Harkenwolders living in the countryside are primarily farmers, shepherds, or woodcutters. Denizens of the hamlets also include woodworkers, smiths, carters, brewers, cheese makers, and leather workers. The other villagers tend nearby fields or orchards.


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