Population: 180

The second-largest village in Harkenwold, Albridge stands where the South Road crosses the White River. Albridge is the center of resistance to Baron Andres Teso’s rule.

Albridge map

1. Old Tower. This vine-covered ruin was once a post for soldiers guarding the bridge. The roof collapsed long ago, leaving the interior open to weather.
2. Erst the Wainwright. Erst is stout, middle-aged, and balding, well known as a human of few words. He is a craftsman who sells mostly to local farmers in need of carts, wagons, or wheelbarrows.
3. Gerrad’s House. Gerrad Honeyfarrow, a hale and white-haired halfling, is the village elder. He and his wife Nioma are skilled weavers.
4. Village Green. This open space serves as a market in good weather. On most days, the children of the hamlet gather here to play. Merchant caravans use the green as a campsite if they’re too big to fit in the Mallard’s inn yard.
5. Kathrid’s Smithy. Kathrid is a black-haired, mature dwarf who served as a guard in Overlook when she was younger.
6. The Mallard Inn. This small inn and taphouse is owned by Onneth, an older half-elf man nearing retirement. Room and board at the Mallard costs five silver pieces a night.
7. White River Mercantile. This trading post deals in locally produced woodwork, leather goods, provisions, and a handful of luxury items imported from Haven or the lands to the south. It is run by Roma Featherton, a brisk, robust, officious halfling who recently took over the business from her ailing father. Her cousin Abel and his family help out. Most mundane equipment other than weapons or armor is available here at reasonable cost.
8. Gremath Stables. Dar Gremath, an aging and retired human adventurer, runs this livery and stable.


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