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  • Deveneria

    Deveneria is an ancient human empire on the continent of [[Calthera | Calthera]]. Deveneria once spanned the entire continent, but after numerous provinces gained their independence during the Liberation Wars (known in Deveneria as The Sundering), …

  • Arnulf Taeryck

    Arnulf Taeryck is the imperial governor of Capua, a large province on the eastern border of [[Deveneria | Deveneria]]. He has a reputation as being cold and calculatingly logical.

  • General Zithiruun

    General Zithiruun was a respected and admired [[Deveneria | Devenerian]] military leader who led numerous successful campaigns against the enemies of the empire. Twleve years ago, General Zithiruun's forces were defeated in the bloody Battle of Sengar by …

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