Episode 3: Perrin's Thoughts
Lessons Learned

Luck is a fickle mistress, Perrin thought as he gritted his teeth, watching the second goblin sharpshooter turn past the dark corner of the corridor. Adventuring continued to be harder than he had thought, and his admiration of the heroes of legend grew further with each twist in his own tale. Of course, when he told this story, there would be details he would conveniently forget. These same details he would always remember.

Episode 3: Rescue at Raventree, Part 1

The heroes venture into the crypts of Raventree Keep. First entering the Arkalis family vault, they find that none of that noble family had been buried there. What did await them were a goblin and his pet needlefang drakes, which the companions dispatch. In the next room, they discover the dwarven alchemist Adronsius Ironbound, chained to the wall and badly wounded from repeated beatings by his hobgoblin captors. They bind his cuts and he tells them that the prisoners are all being kept separately, giving them directions to where he believes the eladrin Jalissa is being held. They leave him with the weapons recovered from the dead goblin while they go in search of the other prisoners.

Episode 2: Road to Raventree Keep

The morning after they helped repel a goblinoid attack on Haven, the companions are summoned to the town hall by Lord Ernst Padraig. Having heard of their bravery, the Lord Warden interviews them. Satisfied with what he learns, he commissions the heroes to rescue the kidnapped townspeople from the hobgoblins’ hidden stronghold. He also requests they return a number of artifacts stolen by the raiders, trophies from the war against the Black Hand of Doom a generation ago.

Episode 1: Haven

Cast of Characters
Kaolen Bearcharger, male human ranger (played by Jason Sproles)
Gorgoth Khrem, male dragonborn wizard (played by Ben Moy)
Kedrick Killmeister, male human paladin of Erathis (played by Derek Beam)
Perrin Tuatha’an, male halfling bard (played by Christopher Schwartz)

Hobgoblin marauders attack the town of Haven, intent on spreading death and destruction. One party of raiders meets unexpected resistance when they encounter the heroes in the Antler & Thistle public house. A pitched battle ensues, and the companions are victorious. Several civilians escape to safety, and the destruction of the tavern is prevented. The flames are barely extinguished, however, when a new threat appears: an ogre bombardier. It is only after stopping this menace that the heroes begin to realize just how serious the attack on the town was.

The heroes learn more about the recent kidnappings of local citizens by the hobgoblin raiders.

DM Commentary:
The element of the fire in the bar added great tension to the fight, but in hindsight I should have added a mechanism for the PC’s to be able to extinguish the fire as an added layer of complexity.
The guard character, Sergeant Reeves, was created on the spot to give the characters information about the attacks on Haven, but was apparently considered a highlight of the evening. I was not expecting that.


Twenty years ago, a great army of goblinkind cut through the Strathan Vale like a scythe. The Army of the Black Hand was a terrible scourge that threatened everyone in the town of Haven and the many farms and villages nearby. An unlikely group of heroes emerged and rallied the people to defeat the invaders, securing peace for a generation.

Now, it seems those days of safety are threatened again. Hobgoblin raiders have again started attacking the people of the vale. Most recently, they brazenly attacked Haven and breached the gates, kidnapping several townspeople and escaping into the night. Everyone waits anxiously, wondering when the next attack will come and what can be done to stop this menace.


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