Spear of Secrets

A powerful spear with mysterious origins.

weapon (melee)

The heavy, dark haft of this weapon bears an inscription inlaid with gold: “Those who seek secrets must suffer for the knowledge.” The blade of the spear is made of a dark metal, but the edge shines brightly. When a demon or other evil creature from another plane is near, the spear glows a bright blue, and the user feels a strong urge to attack.

Weapon: Spear
Enhancement Bonus: +2 to attack and damage rolls
Critical: +2d8 psychic and radiant damage

  • You gain a +2 item bonus to all Nature, Religion, and Arcana knowledge checks.
  • All damage dealt by attacks using this weapon is psychic and radiant damage.
    Power (Psychic, Radiant) ◊ Encounter (Immediate)
    Trigger: You score a critical hit against an enemy with this spear.
    Effect: You have full concealment against this enemy until the end of its next turn.

The spear’s origin is lost in the mists of history, but it was recovered from an ancient tomb in The Blight by a D’Arterran warrior named Risa Gonet. On the night of the Bonfire Festival in Calatan, the tattooed mystic known as Chant stole the spear from the D’Arterran ambassador’s residence and took it to his friend Whisper, who was being hunted by the Rozzi Demon. The adventurers of Monster Management intervened, and Kedrick Killmeister wielded the spear against the demon. After the beast was slain, the magistrate Rainaud Bourge returned the Spear of Secrets to the embassy. It is presumed to still be in the possession of the D’Arterrans, though whether it is still in Calatan, or returned to their kingdom, is unknown.

Spear of Secrets

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