An elderly human woman from Haven


Zerriksa is a human woman in her seventies from Haven. Many people in the town whisper that she is a witch, but it is unknown if there is any truth to this. She is naturally cranky and skeptical, though whether this is a result of her treatment by the people of Haven, or the reasons the rumors about her started in the first place, no one can say.


Zerriksa was kidnapped by hobgoblins of Sinruth’s Hand during a raid on Haven. Since then, she has resisted as passively as a woman of her age can manage. She has played on the rumors of her “dark powers” in hopes of getting better treatment from her captors. The goblins in particular are wary of her, and placed her inside a magic trap in the depths of the crypts. She has been stuck there, but her captors have at least given her a wide berth.


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