Vyncis "The Scorpion"

A skilled assassin for hire from Overlook.


His name was Vyncis, but most people who spoke of the master assassin from Overlook merely whispered his better-known appellation: The Scorpion. Vyncis was tall and wiry, with a shock of white hair and dark eyes. He wore dark leather armor and a black, hooded cape, as well as a red half-face mask when performing his deadly business.


A contract killer, Vyncis and his group of toughs most recently eliminated two adventuring parties in the Strathan Vale, and almost finished off all the members of the Green Hands group before being stopped by the heroes of Monster Management. Vyncis and one of his underlings were captured, while two others were killed and one escaped.

Under interrogation, Vyncis revealed that he was hired by Darduin Caurata to eliminate various adventuring parties in the Strathan Vale. He succumbed to his wounds, dying before giving up further information about the list of targets.

When the party met Sir Bram, he revealed that The Scorpion was a former member of the Oleander Brotherhood who had left the assassin’s guild over disagreements with Bram over how the group was run. Sir Bram considered the party’s elimination of Vyncis a service to him, and offered them a boon of information in return.

Vyncis "The Scorpion"

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