Tarthan Willowrush

An aged halfling Songmaster.


Tarthan Willowrush is a halfling Songmaster of the Traveling People. Tarthan is nearly bald, with a horseshoe of bright white hair and large, wispy sideburns. He wears simple but fine clothing, kept in immaculate condition, and he plays a lute whose wood shines from years of care.


In his late sixties, Tarthan has seen much of the continent of Calthera and even beyond, and it has worn down his once cheery demeanor to one of a quiet, contemplative old man.

Tarthan traveled to Calatan to find Perrin and tell him that he was being considered for ascension to the role of Songmaster. He played a part in the ritual that brought Perrin back from the dead.

Tarthan Willowrush

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