A young boy gifted with a power of divination.


Nilus is a young human boy living in Calatan. Though he is well known to many, especially those who frequent Abbey Hill and Four Oaks, few know his name. He is more widely known as the Oracle of Calatan, or more simply, The Oracle. Nilus wears simple homespun clothing in plain colors. He has an innocent face with cheeks too round for a typical street urchin, and his sandy blonde hair is clean. Nilus’ most distinguishing feature is a bronze circlet he wears around his head, with a large medallion bearing the mark of Ioun that sits in the center of his forehead.


Nilus appears to be an orphan, or at least a child living on the streets, but he is too clean and well-fed to be one of the typical urchins found in cities across the world. That is because of Nilus’ special gift. Nilus is blessed (or perhaps cursed) with prophecies of the future, delivered through him in the form of cryptic riddles. The circlet he wears was a gift from a priest of Ioun, and it allows him to control when he receives the prophecies. Without it, the thoughts flood his mind and leave him with crippling headaches.

Nilus travels from his home, usually to Abbey Hill, most days of the week. There, he performs prophesies for people for a fee. He also visits the Library of Ioun regularly, where the clerics help him learn to control his gift and interpret the visions he sees.


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