Maris Thistlecloak

Matriarch of the Thistlecloak clan


Maris Thistlecloak is the matriarch of the Thistlecloak clan. Maris is kind and motherly unless someone threatens one of her own, and then she becomes the protective mother grizzly, dangerous to behold. Maris began dancing and singing for crowds as a child. While she still performs on occasion for her old fans, these days she is a shrewd businesswoman who spends most of her time managing her caravan and dealing with local officials in the different towns and villages the tribe visits.

Maris wears brightly-colored dresses and an array of jewelry that includes gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and gemstone baubles of all sorts. Her graying hair is woven in intricate braids and wrapped tightly around her head.

Her husband Bedin is a skilled carpenter and animal husbandry expert, but he’s happy to let Maris run the caravan. Together they have seven children. Her third child, Jenni, is a lovely girl of eighteen, and Maris is hoping to marry her off by the next Springmeet.

Maris Thistlecloak

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