Lord O

The late leader of the Cult of Vecna in Calatan.


Lord O was the mysterious leader of the Cult of Vecna in Calatan. A tall, thin human with dark hair and sunken eyes, he appeared to have been a young man aged prematurely by his use of forbidden magic.


Lord O orchestrated an elaborate scheme of shipping enchanted porcelain masks to the city of Calatan before the Bonfire Festival, and used those masks to raise an army of zombies which infiltrated the costumed residents of the city during the parade that capped the celebration. Once they made their way to Arathorn Cathedral, the zombie army attacked innocent bystanders as a diversion while Lord O performed a ritual that was intended to cause an earthquake and topple the Sun Globe from the spires of the cathedral. The globe would have been shattered, with catastrophic results for the city and its residents.

Unfortunately for Lord O, his scheme was uncovered by the adventuring group known as Monster Management. They arrived at the cathedral just as Lord O was beginning his ritual, and he was slain in battle before he could complete the ritual, ending his scheme permanently.

Lord O

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