Lady Silith

A traveling art dealer with many noble patrons.


Lady Silith is an art dealer who travels by caravan throughout the lands of Calthera. She is rumored to be a woman of heart-stopping beauty, but she is never seen in public without a large turban and a veil of silver coins forged into a drape. She favors silk robes, which accentuate her curvaceous figure, and intricately embroidered cloaks. It is rumored that she is the daughter of a wealthy lord in the south, and that she remains covered because her beauty would diminish the beauty of her artwork.


Lady Silith generally treats people she views as beneath her station with transparent gentility. Her honeyed words have a caustic edge and belie an imperious manner. To others whom she considers her equal, however, she is the ideal noblewoman, and her aesthetic sensibilities and ability to procure obscure works of art have earned her many powerful and wealthy patrons.

Silith collects artworks of all kinds, as well as rare and beautiful animals, and she is fascinated by formal dances where she can watch bodies in motion. To be invited to perform for Lady Silith is considered a great honor by many bards and other performers.

Lady Silith

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