Kyle Rester

Owner of The Bosun's Barrel tavern.


Kyle Rester is the owner of the Bosun’s Barrel, a notorious tavern in Calatan’s Dregs district. His bright red hair has gone to gray and his freckled face is creased and wrinkled with age, but he’s competent and knows his way around a sword.


Rester, a retired adventurer, opened the Bosun’s Barrel in the Dregs district years ago. It is a filthy dive that is nonetheless incredibly popular, attracting every wretched manner of adventurer, mercenary, and rogue imaginable. This environment makes the Barrel an easy place to find work (so long as you aren’t particular about the morals of the job), and rumors and information are sold and traded here as often as any trade goods in High Market. Rester likes this just fine, and he does a thriving business selling bad beer and cheap food to the scoundrels who fill his tavern day and night.

Kyle Rester

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