An old dragonborn hermit who lives deep in the Witchlight Fens.


Kevendithas is an ancient dragonborn of unknown age who lives as a recluse deep in the Witchlight Fens. He is stooped with age, and his leathery brown skin is wrinkled and mottled with age spots. He wears simple homespun garments that have been patched several times from wear.

For some reason, despite living near the lizardfolk tribes that dominate the swamps, he has been able to live at peace in his small hut without being harassed by the aggressive raiders. Kevendithas lives in a small, simple hut in a clearing in the fens, tending his small garden and surrounded by a number of birds and other wild creatures. He is known to talk to the birds who roost in his rafters, calling them by name. Kevendithas appears to be friendly and welcoming to most strangers who make their way to his home, though visitors are few and far between in his area of the swamp.


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