Gerrad Honeyfarrow

This white-haired halfling is the village elder of Albridge.


Gerrad, a hale and white-haired old halfling, is the village elder of Albridge. He and his wife Nioma are skilled weavers and sell simple but well-constructed garments of all kinds. Gerrad was appointed village elder by Baron Stockmer thirty years ago, and he conducts most of the town business from the common room of the Mallard Inn. He hides the keenness of his mind behind an affable manner and long-winded stories.

Gerrad was well aware of Dar Gremath’s efforts to organize resistance against Baron Teso from early on and supported them. Before the Battle of Albridge, he worked to deflect suspicion for as long as possible. He often despaired that the rebel forces would not be strong enough, but the stunning victory at the Battle of Albridge proved him wrong, much to his joy.


Gerrad Honeyfarrow

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