A mysterious tattooed man.


Chant is a mysterious tattooed human man, a member of an obscure order of mystics called the Walkers of the Path. He is a young man with a head shaved bald, and his body is covered with a stunning array of elaborate, colorful tattoos. He wears loose pantaloons, sandals, and a dark green vest. Most notable about Chant is his manner of communication: he speaks only in quotes from the philosophy known as The Path, which can be incredibly frustrating for those not familiar with the riddle-like lines he recites.


Chant was a friend of the merchant known as Whisper before his death. On the night of the Bonfire Festival, he stole the Spear of Secrets from the D’Arterran embassy in Calatan and gave it to Whisper, presumably so that he could defend himself from the Rozzi Demon, which was hunting the merchant at the time.


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