Brother Arthund Cotte

A friendly young priest of the Church of Arathorn.


Arthund is a bright, young, friendly priest of Pelor. He has shoulder-length blond hair and a neat blond beard. He wears a holy symbol of Pelor around his neck and the gold robes of his priesthood.


Brother Arthund is a member of the clergy of the Church of Arathorn. Like many of the other underpriests at Arathorn Cathedral, he was recently assigned to help restore the old Temple of Pelor in the Divine Knot by Bishop Oakheart. Brother Arthund doesn’t seem convinced that this is a wise decision, as it has left the city’s grand cathedral with barely enough priests to carry out basic services. He doesn’t understand why they have been sent to restore this ailing old temple in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods, but he is reluctant to criticize the bishop in public.

Brother Arthund Cotte

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