Baron Jonn Stockmer

The rightful ruler of Harkenwold.


A hale fellow in his mid-sixties, Baron Stockmer is fit and healthy for his age. His dark hair is receding and shot through with grey, but only a few wrinkles line his face, and his spirit is still strong. His time imprisoned in his own castle at the hands of Baron Teso weakened him, but did not break his will, and his physical strength has mostly recovered.


Baron Stockmer has been the rightful ruler of the barony of Harkenwold for forty years, since the death of his father. When he took over rule of the region, he began a years-long project to repair and strengthen his family’s stronghold, Harken Keep. For four decades, he has been a fair and just ruler, generally beloved by all those under his care.

In the spring of 997, goblin bandits fighting under the banner of the Black Hand, but following a new warlord named Sinruth, began raiding the farms and villages of Harkenwold. Stockmer’s small force of defenders struggled to respond, until the day when a large group of armed riders entered the barony from the south. They quickly defeated the goblins, leading the locals to believe they were their saviors. They rode to Harken Castle, where Baron Stockmer and his men greeted them, but they quickly cut down his guards and captured Stockmer. He was imprisoned in his own castle by the invaders, led by the Escataran Baron Andres Teso, who installed himself as the ruler of Harkenwold. This was maintained for a number of weeks, until the adventurers of Monster Management arrived. In a few short days, they allied with leaders of the local resistance, defeated Teso’s forces in battle, infiltrated the castle, killed Teso, and restored Stockmer to power. He declared them the Defenders of Harkenwold, and they were honored by all in the barony.

Since that time, Stockmer has focused on repairing the damage done to his holdings and comforting his subjects as best he can in the wake of their losses.

Baron Jonn Stockmer

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