Agaro Barrelhelm

A jaded dwarven merchant known to deal in black market goods.


Agaro is large, uncouth, dirty and loud. His dark brown beard is long and a bit scraggly, and his tunic usually bears an odd-colored stain from a long-forgotten meal. His body is massive, his thick arms and wide chest proving that there is a lot of muscle under the flab.


Agaro runs a small shop in High Market. He has had more than one run-in with the local authorities for dealing in stolen goods.

Agaro is jaded, arrogant, and suspicious of both most humans and elves. A while back, his daughter was married to a human warrior in Calatan (an uncommon pairing, but one that does happen). When the warrior was caught in an underhanded deal, he was executed – after his wife and two-year-old son were killed by a rival syndicate.

Agaro is obsessed with destroying both groups that he blames for his daughter’s death, and even hates the local magistrates responsible for catching his late son-in-law. He is likely to do anything he thinks could allow him revenge.

Agaro Barrelhelm

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