Side Trek: Coppernight Hold

Cast of Characters
Davorin Evermead, male dwarven fighter (played by Christopher Schwartz)
Marcus Coldshore, male human rogue (played by Chris Rampolla)
Morthos, male tiefling warlock (played by Derek Beam)
Rogath Ambershard, male dwarven warlord (played by Jason Sproles)

Inspired by the deeds of Monster Management, a group of would-be heroes from Harkenwold formed their own adventuring party. Calling themselves the Lions of Harkenwold, they set out to make their mark in the world.

At the request of Bran Torsson, the adventurers set out to find Coppernight Hold, a small keep being constructed by Kavalar Coppernight, a dwarven prospector from Overlook. Torsson had sent two militiamen to seek Coppernight’s aid during the revolt against Baron Teso, but they had never returned.

The companions traveled west, reaching the excavation site only to determine it was overrun by kobolds. They cut their way through the small reptilian pests until reaching the inner chamber of the keep, where they found a green dragon wyrmling. After a fierce battle, they defeated the beast and his followers. They found a locked room where Coppernight, his surviving followers, and the missing militiamen were chained to the walls. Once they were certain that Coppernight and his fellows were safe, they returned to Tor’s Hold, their first quest as an adventuring party an overwhelming success.

DM Commentary:
This was a one-shot session intended to allow Chris Rampolla a chance to play with the group and get his first experience with D&D 4th Edition. Overall it was a very successful venture, and I was pleased with how well it went. The other players also seemed to really enjoy getting to play different characters who were outside of the roles they have grown comfortable with in the main campaign. I would be interested in doing more side trek adventures of this sort, both to give the players something different to experiment with, and to tell tangential stories in the world.


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