Flush from their victory over Sinruth, the adventurers delved further into the crypts of Raventree. Returning to spiderweb landing, they charged up the stairs to confront the remaining members of Sinruth’s Hand. The hobgoblins were quickly dealt with, and they coerced the group’s leaders into surrendering. One – the archer who has hounded them throughout their time in the crypts – turned out to be Sindarak, tribe brother of Sinruth. They interrogated the hobgoblins for information and learned that the captives had been taken to the lower levels, where the wight makes his lair. Sindarak also taunted the group that other goblin tribes would be arriving to bolster their numbers.

The companions recovered most of the treasures stolen from the Hall of Great Valor, then used the key stones found in Sindarak’s possession to free the crone Zerriksa from her magical prison. Deciding that in their current state they dared not brave the unknowns of the deeper dungeon, they gathered their captives and made their way back to Haven.

They were greeted warmly by Lord Padraig, but he grew more and more troubled as they told him of all they had learned. They sought healing for Kedrick’s illness from the Temple of Erathis – and it came at a price to be revealed later. Kaolen found he was able to recover from his own fever after a night of rest. Restored and renewed in their purpose, the group prepared their plans to return and complete their quest.

The characters found their first significant treasure caches, including a Flaming Longbow +1, Sylvan Armor +1, a pair of Acrobat Boots, an Ironskin Belt, and three Potions of Healing. Some of the treasure was taken from the bodies in the crypts, however, and Kedrick would have no part of it.

After the battle with Sindarak and his holdouts, the characters found the gilded dragoncrest helm and heraldic battle standard that were among the stolen treasures from the Hall of Great Valor.

DM Notes
This session had the most variety of challenges the players have faced yet: combat, a riddle, and a game of Mastermind as the puzzle to free Zerriksa. The players also found several caches of treasure, which is always popular. These things combined to make it a very memorable and fun session.

In the fight with the hobgoblins, I included a goblin crazy, an ax-wielding minion who charges and then dies. This was a surprising player favorite of the evening. I think the sheer unexpected nature of it made it so memorable.

My only dissatisfaction came at the end of the session, when the characters returned to Haven. I’ve noticed that everyone tends to get a little more loose in play and the off-topic jokes come more easily toward the end of the session. This isn’t bad so long as everyone is having fun, but that and some other elements left us with what I felt was a weak end to the session. I normally prefer to end very strongly with either a cliffhanger element or the resolution of an important encounter. It’s just something I’ll have to work to improve.


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