Episode 44: White Flowers, Black Roots

20 Avandris, 997 D.A.

Cast of Characters
Kaolen Bearcharger, male human ranger (played by Jason Sproles)
Gorgoth Khrem, male dragonborn wizard (played by Ben Moy)
Kedrick Killmeister, male human paladin of Erathis (played by Derek Beam)
Perrin Tuatha’an, male halfling bard (played by Christopher Schwartz)

At the behest of Magistrate Nunna, the adventurers headed to the Four Oaks neighborhood to investigate strange comings and goings at Prosperous Swan Curios. The proprietor, a young elven woman named Irva, was star-struck to have the heroes of Calatan in her shop. After a lengthy conversation, the heroes could see no connection between her and the alleged assassin’s guild that Nakaro seemed to believe was operating out of the building.

After further investigation, the heroes decided to descend into the sewers to look for a possible connection. They found a number of tunnels leading in different directions, and the one through which they entered contained scrawled warnings on the walls. Heading north, they found what appeared to be an old man, badly beaten. When Kaolen grew close to offer aid, he was enveloped in a fog of hypnotic breath – the old man was in fact a powerful oni in disguise. A fight broke out, with the oni aided by two shadar-kai, and a massive gelatinous cube lurking beneath the sewage waters emerged to attack the adventurers as well. Eventually they were victorious, but not before the oni dissipated into a gaseous cloud and escaped up another ladder.


When they descended into the sewers, the characters found a branching series of tunnels. In the area where they came down and leading off to the south, the walls were scrawled with crude warnings – “Keep out,” “Danger!” and so forth – all no more than five feet high up the walls. To the north, they smelled the faint odor of tobacco over the stench of the sewer. It seemed to emanate from a tunnel to the east of the intersection where they fought their skirmish. The oni escaped through a hatch at the top of a ladder to the west of the intersection.

DM Commentary

The players showed interesting ideas in their investigation. The tendency to “go back to the well” and question NPCs multiple times is one that still surprises me a little. I believe that the desire to know everything possible before acting often slows them down more than they realize without necessarily adding more helpful information. I’ve wondered if there are ways in which I am not being clear or providing them enough information initially, but at this point I’m inclined to think that it doesn’t matter how much I give them, they will always seek more out of some need for certainty beyond my control.


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