Episode 4: Rescue at Raventree, Part 2

The group raced down the corridor, hot on the trail of the shouting goblin sharpshooters. They rounded the corner, finding themselves staring at a group of waiting hobgoblins. A pitched battle ensued. The combat was fierce, but the companions defeated their enemies – except for one hobgoblin archer, who escaped up a metal stair to another floor.

Exhausted from the fight, the group returned to the crypt where they had left Adronsius Ironbound, barricaded themselves, and rested in the heart of the enemy lair. The night passed without incident, and they set out again on their rescue mission. They found a small shrine to the Raven Queen, guarded by goblins and dire rats. Once those were dispatched, they found the cook Mirtala. She had contracted filth fever from the rats and was in a near catatonic state. The companions comforted her, but then disagreed over what they should do with her. Eventually they left her – over her sobbing protests – to fend for herself as they went further into the dungeon.

Climbing the staircase by which the hobgoblin archer had fled, they entered another dusty goblin sleeping chamber, then followed a hallway to another set of doors. Kicking it open, they discovered a trio of ugly humanoids with spider-like features in a room covered in cobwebs.

The hobgoblin archer who escaped from the first big battle of the session may have been the same one who returned to harass the group while they were fighting the Raven Queen’s shrine. He escaped again before the party could stop him. When making their way back through the dungeon after resting, they also spotted a goblin watching them.

Despite Mirtala’s condition, the group decided it was too risky to try to take her to another part of the dungeon. They left her alone with only Kaolen’s cloak for protection in the Raven Queen’s shrine.

DM Commentary
In this session we saw, perhaps for the first time, Kedrick openly disagreeing with Perrin. First, he refused to disturb the stone sarcophagi in the Blackwood family crypt. Later, he wanted to move Mirtala so she would be with Andronsius. Perrin argued him down, but it was very interesting to watch these in-character dynamics play out. If this represents a true clash of personalities, will Kedrick (and perhaps the others as well) become disillusioned of his hero worship of Perrin? It could make for a very interesting story if and when that happens.


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