Episode 3: Rescue at Raventree, Part 1

The heroes venture into the crypts of Raventree Keep. First entering the Arkalis family vault, they find that none of that noble family had been buried there. What did await them were a goblin and his pet needlefang drakes, which the companions dispatch. In the next room, they discover the dwarven alchemist Adronsius Ironbound, chained to the wall and badly wounded from repeated beatings by his hobgoblin captors. They bind his cuts and he tells them that the prisoners are all being kept separately, giving them directions to where he believes the eladrin Jalissa is being held. They leave him with the weapons recovered from the dead goblin while they go in search of the other prisoners.

The companions then cross the entry chamber and kick in the doors to the Varzand crypt. They turn the corner and discover a hobgoblin barracks. The brutish thugs are soon defeated, but the goblin sharpshooters who had been sniping them from a dark hallway escape, shouting the alarm through the echoing stone tunnels.

Adronsius told the party that he believes Mirtala the cook to still be alive, as well as Jalissa, the eladrin acolyte of Ioun. Though he was blindfolded, he was taken to the upper level and interrogated in Jalissa’s presence the day before, and he gave the companions directions. He also informed them that the hobgoblins have been beating him every morning and evening when they bring his food; the heroes know they only have until morning before the goblinoid jailers will return and find the dwarf free.

DM Commentary
This was a good session, the only real drawback being that Ben Moy was unable to attend due to illness. Christopher Schwartz took control of Gorgoth for the night, and did an admirable job of replicating Ben’s play style. It was apparent in this session that the character changes made over the past few weeks are considerable improvements, and everyone seems to be getting a much better overall understanding of the game rules, making for more satisfying encounters and smoother game play. Hopefully that trend will continue.


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